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Autism Assessments for Incoming ABA Clients

The comprehensive behavioral assessment involves an extensive interview with the child’s primary caregivers, a record review, and an interview with the child to assess the child’s development, as well as connecting with other therapists and physicians to develop a comprehensive care plan that is customized for the individual’s unique needs.

After the assessment is completed, a comprehensive treatment recommendation is presented that utilizes the individual’s strengths and interests to help close the remaining gaps.

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Social Skills Program

Children with social delays and challenges develop their skills through guided social interactions and play. Groups are organized based on skill level and chronological age.

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Living Support

Teach skills which help with independent living e.g. preparation of food, laundry, personal hygiene, other household chores, safety, shopping, etc.

School Support

We provide school support which minimizes disciplinary issues, improves learning and helps build relationships with peers.

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Parents Support

We help parents understand that they are not alone and that there is hope. Parents are empowered through training and support so they can learn to manage their child’s challenging behaviors in multiple environments, including home.

School Based ABA

HAC makes it a priority to collaborate with each child’s school and educational team, including caregivers. This includes participating in IEP planning/reviews and other team meetings. As your child begins to make the transition back into the school environment, HAC staff are available to provide support and help make that transition as smooth as possible.

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Community Based ABA

Community support is available to help clients improve their ability to navigate various social and community settings in safe and socially appropriate ways. HAC has partnered with local businesses to ensure a safe environment to practice new skills. Many clients practice by going to stores, movies, parks, restaurants and local events. 

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