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Is Watching TV Good for Kids with ASD?

Is Watching TV Good for Kids with ASD?

While some studies suggest that too much screen time can negatively impact the development of young children’s language and social skills, watching television can offer valuable tools and lessons and be very beneficial for kids with ASD. For example, videos that teach...

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Can Some Children Outgrow Autism?

Can Some Children Outgrow Autism?

Is it possible for a child diagnosed with autism to ‘outgrow’ it when they get older? A 2013 study of 112 children published by the National Institutes of Health suggested that 34 individuals diagnosed with ASD went on to function as well as neurotypical...

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Easing the Stress of Chronic Caregiving

Findings from a recent report published by Family Process are not surprising: nearly 50 percent of mothers of children with autism reported symptoms of depression compared to mothers with neurotypical children over the same time period. The researchers also...

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