The Eagles’ Autism Sensory Room: A Pioneer in NFL Stadiums

Dec 10, 2023 | Advocacy, Autism

The Eagles’ Autism Sensory Room: A Pioneer in NFL Stadiums

The Philadelphia Eagles, a renowned NFL team, made a significant and inclusive addition to their stadium: an Autism Sensory Room. This innovative space, tailored for fans with sensory processing issues, often associated with autism, underscores the team’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility for all its supporters.

The Need for Sensory Rooms in Public Spaces

Sensory processing difficulties are common among individuals with autism spectrum disorder. These difficulties can make environments like a bustling football stadium overwhelming due to loud noises, bright lights, and large crowds. Sensory rooms, designed to provide a calming and secure area, can help mitigate these sensory overloads.

The Eagles’ Autism Sensory Room

The Philadelphia Eagles, under the ownership and guidance of Jeffrey Lurie, who has a personal connection to autism, embarked on this project to make football games more accessible. The sensory room at Lincoln Financial Field was created in partnership with leading researchers in autism and is one of the first of its kind in NFL stadiums.

Features of the Sensory Room

The room is designed with several key features:

  1. Soundproofing: To reduce the noise from the stadium, providing a quieter space.
  2. Soothing Colors and Textures: The use of calming colors and various textures helps to create a relaxing environment.
  3. Sensory Activities and Equipment: Items such as bean bags, weighted blankets, and sensory toys are available to help guests manage sensory input.
  4. Trained Staff: Staff members are trained to assist and support individuals and families using the room.

Impact and Reception

The introduction of the sensory room has been met with positive responses from fans and the autism community. It not only provides a safe space for individuals with sensory processing issues but also raises awareness about autism. Families affected by autism can now enjoy game days without the fear of sensory overload.

A Commendable Step

The Philadelphia Eagles’ initiative in building an autism sensory room in their stadium is a commendable step towards inclusivity in sports. It sets an example for other teams and public venues to follow, highlighting the importance of accommodating all fans, regardless of their sensory processing needs. This initiative is a testament to the Eagles’ dedication to their community and to making football an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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